D-lab tech

D-lab xとD-lab techについてD-lab x and D-lab tech supports D-lab operation

2017年に4年目を迎えたKYOTO Design Lab(D-lab)は、学内認知度の向上とともに、学内広報への関わりや、D-lab施設・設備の利用者が増加しています。そこで、D-labの活動を促進し、円滑な運営を担うために下記の学生を中心とする組織を立ち上げました。

D-lab x|担当 岡田栄造教授

学内外のブランディング/広報PRやファシリテーションに携わりながら、実践的なデザインや編集を学ぶ「D-lab x」

D-lab tech|担当 中坊壮介准教授

デザインファクトリーの運営に携わることで、設備の使用方法やものづくりの方法を学ぶ「D-lab tech」



参加資格: D-labのビジョンを共有する京都工芸繊維大学に在学するすべての学部生、大学院生(修士・博士)とします。なお、活動中の報酬は大学規定に基づき、謝金としてお支払いたします。

KYOTO Design Lab (D-lab) celebrated its fourth year in 2017 and has had the opportunity to design graphics for the Kyoto Institute of Technology while increasing numbers of students have been using our facilities. To promote the activities of D-lab, we have launched the following initiatives in order to ensure smooth operation:

D-lab x | Organized by Professor Eizo Okada

The “D-lab x” focus is on acquiring practical design and editing experience alongside branding / publicity PR and project facilitation inside and outside the KIT campus
Description: Design of public relations materials, project report creation, editing assistance such as with transcriptions etc. Preparation and facilitation assistance for workshops, correspondence with D-Lab invitees after hours Extra curricular, assistance in data input, equipment management etc.

D-lab tech | Organized by Associate Professor Sousuke Nakabo

The “D-lab Tech” focus is on learning how to use the facilities and to fabricate products through the experience of working in the design factory.
Description: assistance for work related to D-Lab factory management such as technical assistance for design factory users, maintenance of venues and facilities, setting up of exhibitions at the Tokyo Gallery and production assistance etc.

Eligibility: All undergraduates and graduate students (master / doctor) who are studying at Kyoto Institute of Technology and who share the vision of D –lab.
In addition, based on the university regulations, remuneration will be paid.