S++(D-labデザイン・アソシエイト・プログラム)に関する論文とそれに伴う展示が、ロンドンの国際テキスタイルリサーチ・カンファレンスで発表されましたPaper on S++ Design Associate project and accompanying exhibit was presented at international textile research conference in London, September 13-14.




カセム教授は、学術論文「S++: A Hybrid Textile for Healthcare and Well-Being Contexts」を執筆し、共著者である英国王立芸術学院[RCA]テキスタイル専攻長のアン・トゥーミー教授とともに「INTERSECTIONS」にて発表しました。「INTERSECTIONS」は、ロンドンのラフバラー大学のテキスタイルデザインリサーチグループが主催する国際カンファレンスです。






Professor Julia Cassim led the six-month S++ project at KYOTO D-Lab with Design Associate and textile designer John McNair from the Royal College of Art (RCA). The aim of the project was to explore two design questions:

Can chirimen, a traditional ‘intelligent’ silk fabric be re-engineered to allow it to meet the functional requirements of the healthcare market?

Can the new design scenarios opened up by this new material help revitalize the chirimen industry and enable retention of its skills and knowledge base?

Cassim is a lead author of an academic paper on the project: “S++ : A Hybrid Textile for Healthcare and Well-Being Contexts,” which she presented with co-author Anne Toomey, Head of Textiles at the RCA at INTERSECTIONS. – a one-day international conference organised by the Textile Design Research Group at Loughborough University, London.

The conference explored collaborations in textile design research. It was accompanied by an exhibition of the works resulted from these collaborations, which include the S++ project. After the conference, the paper will be available online from Loughborough University under Creative Commons.

Exhibition accompanied by the conference

Presentation of an academic paper and D-lab at conference by Professor Julia Cassim

Professor Julia Cassim [right] and Professor Anne Toomey [left, Head of Textiles at the RCA]

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