KYOTO Design Lab

シンガポール国立大学デザインインキュベーションセンターとの共同展示「Exchanged Forms」をミラノで開催しますKYOTO Design Lab will Hold the “Exchanged Forms” in Milan, a Joint Exhibition with the Design Incubation Centre, National University of Singapore
Published 2018/04/11
KYOTO Design Labが日本初となるDesign Factory Global Networkの加盟機関となりましたKYOTO Design Lab has officially joined the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN) as its twentieth member and first from Japan.
Published 2017/10/17
「サイエンスアゴラ2017」のリ・ブランディングをD-labが担当しましたD-lab was tasked with the re-branding of “Science Agora 2017”
Published 2017/10/16
世界のスタートアップシーンで活躍する講師が集合3週間の起業家育成プログラム@京都Kyoto Startup Summer School(KS3)開催のお知らせKyoto Startup Summer School (KS3) , holistic startup program for rising entrepreneurs and startup teams to learn the ropes of building a startup, will be held in KIT
Published 2017/07/26