KYOTO Design Lab

[受賞]D-labの教員によるプロジェクト2件がグッドデザイン賞を受賞しましたAwards: The professors of D-lab won the Good Design Award 2018 for two projects
Published 2018/10/25
日本建築学会の優秀卒業論文賞に本学の学生が選出されましたSelected as a prize, Student Thesis Award for Architectural Institute of Japan, 2018
Published 2018/07/24
[受賞]シンガポール・クリエイティブ・アワードで「Exchanged Forms」が特別賞を受賞Award: Exchanged Forms exhibition in Milano Salone runner-up for Singapore Creative Award, 2018
Published 2018/06/05
[受賞]中山利恵助教が国際学会「東アジア建築文化 2017」にて若手最優秀研究論文賞を受賞しましたAssistant professor Rie Nakayama received an award of International Conference on East Asian Architectural Culture 2017
Published 2017/10/19