Design Associate [2015/1 – 2015/4]


Paper: 介護動作サポートウェアの開発—コンセプトの提案とその評価




このプロジェクトは、2014年12月に実施されたRCAとの共同ワークショップ「HEALTHCARE FUTURESWORKSHOP─思いやりのあるロボット、人をケアするロボット」から継続されたユニット活動であり、RCAとの連続的な取り組みを具体化した例でもある。

ジュリア・カセム 特任教授[京都工芸繊維大学 KYOTO Design Lab]
増田新 教授[京都工芸繊維大学ものづくり教育研究センター]

Design Associate [2015/1 – 2015/4]

Lise Pape

Paper: Development of Load Support Wear for Caregivers – Concept and Evaluation

Load Supporting Wear for Caregivers

This project designed a wearable support device for caregivers for the elderly. It aimed to create wearables that protect caregivers from physical harm by alleviating the loads that arise in care work. In partnership with Arata Masuda from the Center for Manufacturing Technology at Kyoto Institute of Technology, Lise Pape from the Royal College of Art defined the design concept needed for caregiving work and developed a prototype.
Following on from “Healthcare Futures Workshop – Caring Robots and Caregiving Robots,” a workshop jointly organized with RCA in December 2014, this project achieved continued collaboration between the two institutions.

Project Team
Professor Julia Cassim [KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology]
Professor Arata Masuda [Center for Manufacturing Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology]