Design Associate [2016 – 2016/11]







家庭用スクリーニング・キット「Designs for Flies」では、特定の疾患に罹患させたキイロショウジョウバエ(ミバエ)に化学化合物を含んだエサを与える。そして、エサを食べたハエの動きを映像で収録・観察し、治療効果を識別してデータを視覚化させ、試験結果が容易に判別できるようにするのである。

ジュリア・カセム 特任教授[京都工芸繊維大学 KYOTO Design Lab]
山口政光 教授[京都工芸繊維大学応用生物学系、昆虫先端研究推進センター]
吉田英樹 教授[京都工芸繊維大学応用生物学系、昆虫先端研究推進センター]
足立有香 教授[京都工芸繊維大学応用生物学系、昆虫先端研究推進センター]
高野敏行 教授[京都工芸繊維大学応用生物学系、ショウジョウバエ遺伝資源センター]
太田啓子、徳永眞紀、細井隆弘[CMT 友の会]

Design Associate [2016 – 2016/11]

Frank Kolkman

Designs for Flies

Can we design alternative strategies to generate interest from pharmaceutical companies for obscure, complicated or ‘unmarketable’ diseases in drug research?

Could we use transgenetic drosophila for the wildcard testing of drug compounds directly by patients at home and thereby find a possible cure?

It was a collaboration between Frank Kolkman from the Royal College of Art, Professor Masamitsu Yamaguchi of the Department of Applied Biology at KIT, the Centre for Advanced Insect Research (CAIR) and Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) Japan. Their joint research centres on building a genetic map for CMT, an obscure uncurable, neurodegenerative disorder using drosophila as a research methodology.

Drug discovery is a lengthy, expensive process involving complex interplays between industry, academia, investors, jurisdiction and marketing. Where no significant commercial benefits can be expected, patients with rare or complex conditions can feel powerless to change the status quo. But what if they could participate in their own pharmacological research at home and find potential cures?

Design for Flies proposes a personalized drug-screening system for CMT patients. After feeding personalized, transgenetic Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) with random chemical compounds, the domestic device screens their behaviour to discern any therapeutic effects with the results captured via webcam and the data shared with the research community on a dedicated cloud server.

Project Team
Professor Julia Cassim
Professor Masamitsu Yamaguchi
Professor Hideki Yoshida [The Center for Advanced Insect Research (CAIR), Faculty of Applied Biology, Kyoto Institute of Technology]
Professor Yuka Adachi [The Center for Advanced Insect Research (CAIR), Faculty of Applied Biology, Kyoto Institute of Technology]
Professor Toshiyuki Takano [Drosophila Genetic Resource Center (DGRC), Kyoto Institute of Technology]
Yumiko Azuma [Kyoto Prefectural Medical University]
Yukie Kushimura [Kyoto Prefectural Medical University]
Keiko Ota, Maki Tokunaga, Takahiro Hosoi [Charcot-Marie-Tooth Japan]