the last 15 minutes

会場|京都工芸繊維大学 KYOTO Design Lab


ジェームズ・オージャー 准教授[MA, PhD, RCA]

ポルトガルMadeira Interactive Technologies Institute[M-ITI]准教授(現在、ロイヤルメルボルン工科大学(RMIT)准教授)。研究範囲は、架空、現実的、あるいは機能的な、様々なスケールのエネルギー関連の提案やプロジェクトを統合する実験的な生活のラボラトリーとしての「島」の可能性を探求している。この研究はバルセロナのコンテンポラリー・カルチャー・センター[CCCB]からCultural Innovation International Prizeを受賞した。RCAにてデザインプロダクツの修士を取得後、Media Lab Europe [MLE]にてテクノロジーに媒介された人間のコミュニケーションを研究。その後、東京のIssey Miyake Design Studioにてゲストデザイナーを務め、2005年から2015年にかけてRCAのデザイン・インタラクションズの授業で教鞭を執った。また、Auger-Loizeauのパートナーとしてスペキュラティブデザインの実践をおこない、そのプロジェクトはニューヨークのMoMAにて常設展示作品に指定され、東京の21_21デザインミュージアム、ロンドンのThe Science Musuem、北京の中国国家博物館、リンツのアルスエレクトロニカなどでも展示された。

the last 15 minutes

Period: Tuesday 13 – 16 February, 2018
Venue: KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology

Workshop Brief
Our perception of always-there energy is supported and maintained by a well-functioning energy infrastructure. Comforts and pleasures, delivered by modern electrical products, are only threatened when this infrastructure stop functioning such as in the event of a natural disaster.
Disaster has struck (chose your own version of what has happened), infrastructure has been destroyed and there is 15 minutes until the end of the world.
Design an electrical product to spend those 15 minutes with. The product should be capable of producing its own energy and the interaction should be something worthy of taking up your last moments on the planet. Explore local and bespoke solutions to energy generation – DC motors, the issues surrounding renewables such as solar and wind turbines and consider related constraints such as whether the wind is not blowing or it is night time.

Workshop leader
Associate Professor James Auger [MA, PhD, RCA]

James Auger is associate professor at Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI), Portugal (currently: Associate Professor, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Europe). His current research explores the potential of the Island as an experimental living laboratory where fictional, factual and functional multi-scale energy-related proposals and projects are combined. This work was recently awarded the Cultural Innovation International Prize by the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB).
After studying Design Products (MA) at the RCA, James moved to Media Lab Europe (MLE) exploring the theme of human communication as mediated by technology. He then worked in Tokyo as guest designer at the Issey Miyake Design Studio and from 2005 -2015 James taught on the critically acclaimed Design Interactions courset at the RCA,
James is also partner in the speculative design practice Auger-Loizeau whose projects is in the permanent collection of MoMA, New Yorkand have been shown at 21_21, Tokyo; The Science Museum, London; The National Museum of China, Beijing and Ars Electronica, Linz.