KYOTO Design Labデザイン・アソシエイトとして本学に滞在中のマルセル・ヘルマー氏を講師に迎え「ジェネレーティブ・デザイン・ワークショップ:ヴィジュアルのためのプログラミング入門」を開催します。


場所:KYOTO Design Labデジタル・ファブリケーション・ルーム


Marcel Helmer 
KYOTO Design Labデザイン・アソシエイト


Generative Design workshop – an introduction to programming for visuals

Schedule: 22-24 February, 2017
Venue: Digital Fabrication Lab, Kyoto Design Lab
Workshop leader: Marcel Helmer (MA, RCA Design Interactions) Kyoto D-Lab Design Associate

About the Workshop
Design is a process of experimentation and development. We define the rules and explore the possibilities within the world of forms, shapes and proportions to discover new versions of known elements.
Computers are experts at repetition and iteration. Just as we use design rules on a sheet of paper, we will learn to define a visual language within programming. We reshuffle the creative process and use the computer as a tool to create more versions of our ideas than otherwise possible by understanding design within given guidelines.
The participants will learn how to define patterns and simple interactive systems to explore programming as a tool for visual outputs and audience interaction. Using the basics of programming, participants will develop their own generative graphic designs.

Requirements – participants (max 20)
Participants must attend for the full three days of the workshop.
Kyoto D-Lab computer suite will be available for use but please bring your own PC.
NO prior programming knowledge necessary
This workshop covers the same programming material as the Game Mechanics Workshop Marcel ran in October 2016.

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Marcel Helmer
Marcel Helmer is a German interaction designer and technologist whose focus is the social status of machines and the potential of the technology/human relationships. He has an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art and a BA in Digital Media from the University of the Arts Bremen