KYOTO Design Lab[D-lab]は、下記の日程で、デザイナー・イン・レジデンスとしてD-labで滞在制作中のマールース・テン・ボーマーによるパブリックレクチャーを開催します。


Walking Woman: shoe construction and female gait as a design subject

日時|2018年4月20日[金] 19:00-20:30
会場|京都工芸繊維大学 KYOTO Design Lab
講師|マールース・テン・ボーマー[KYOTO Design Lab デザイナー・イン・レジデンス]
主催|京都工芸繊維大学 KYOTO Design Lab


オランダ出身のコンセプチュアル・シューズデザイナー。オランダ・ロッテルダム在住。同世代における有望なデザイナーのひとりと謳われている。彼女のインスピレーションの源は、形態とアイデアを基とする靴の本質にある。その作品は、建築やファッション、プロダクトデザインとの対話を生んでいる。NESTA Creative Pioneer Programme (2006年)、London Design Museum Grand Brit Insurance Design Award (2009年)受賞。

KYOTO Design Lab will hold the public lecture “Walking women: shoe construction and female gait as a design subject” by Marloes ten Bhömer [D-lab Designer-in-Residence].

Walking women: shoe construction and female gait as a design subject

Date: 19:00-20:30 Friday 20 April, 2018
Venue: 2F, KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Lecturer: Marloes ten Bhömer [D-lab Designer-in-Residence]
Language: English
Admission free
Organized by KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology

Marloes ten Bhömer focuses on women’s footwear from technical, material and cultural perspectives. She aims to consistently challenge generic typologies of women’s shoes through experiments with non-traditional technologies and material techniques. Bhömer will present an ongoing research project that aims to replace the standard and regimented approaches to footwear design and manufacturing with the working processes of engineering. This method is based on research into the structural parameters required to support a foot (in a high-heeled position) while in motion. By treating the ‘woman in motion’ as an engineering problem, Marloes exposes the high-heeled shoe as a cultural ‘problem’ while simultaneously questioning the connotations of engineering as informed by the object at hand.

Marloes ten Bhömer
The Dutch-born conceptual shoe designer, Marloes Ten Bhömer, is considered one of the promising designers of her generation.  Her source of inspiration is the essence of the shoe – its base form or Idea.  The work dialogues with architecture, fashion and product design.
 Ten Bhömer lives and works in Rotterdam .In 2006, Ten Bhömer won the Creative Pioneer Programme, NESTA, and  in 2009 the Grand Brit Insurance Design Award of the London Design Museum.