KYOTO Design Lab[D-lab]は、Kyoto Startup Summer School[KS³]の一般参加者を募集しています。現在は早期応募枠での参加者を募集中です。





Kyoto Startup Summer School 2020
Early Application

応募締切|2020年3月6日[金] [*1]
参加費|70,000円+Startup Weekend参加費 [*2]
応募Kyoto Startup Summer School 2020 – JOIN


[*1] Early Applicationでの応募締切です。後日通常の募集締切が公表されます。
[*2] 滞在費、交通費、飲食代は参加者で準備して頂く必要があります。Startup Weekendへの参加は、別途、お支払いいただきます。詳しくは公式ウェブサイトをご覧ください。

» Kyoto Startup Summer School (KS³) Official website

Kyoto Startup Summer School (KS³ for short), Japan’s most international and intense summer program in entrepreneurship is back for its fifth year!

KS³ is a two-week program with a variety of modules (workshops, lectures, mixers, panel discussions, company visits, etc.) taught and facilitated by established entrepreneurs, practitioners, venture capitalists, and academics coming from around the world. This is your opportunity to learn hands-on entrepreneurial skills and experience startup life. The program is conducted fully in English, and in the last four years, 120 participants from 40+ countries joined KS³.

KS³ is based in the historical city of Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan with over 2000 temples and shrines. In addition to being the center of tourism in Japan, Kyoto is an important hub for the information technology and electronics industry. This is the city where alongside traditional craft workshops, one can find world class companies and startups.

Interested in starting up but never had the opportunity to learn how to do so? Want to create a positive change in society but don’t know where to start? Always had that one idea you wanted to pursue? Come join KS³ and to bring your entrepreneurial aspirations to life.

Kyoto Startup Summer School 2020

Date: 16 – 30 August 2020
Early Application deadline: 6 March 2020
Tuition: 70,000 yen (approximately 640 USD or 580 Euros) + Startup Weekend Fee
Deadline: 6 March 2020 (Early Application, Regular to Follow)
Application: Kyoto Startup Summer School 2020 – JOIN

– Current University Students (Graduate and Undergraduate)
– Recent University Graduates (Graduated in 2018 or later)
– Working for a Startup (Company younger than 3 years and less than 25 people)
– Freelancers with the intent of creating a startup

If you don’t fit the eligibility criteria but still would like to apply, please e-mail

» Kyoto Startup Summer School (KS³) Official website