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D-lab staff Tomohiro Inoue and Kazunari Masutani of the Centre for Advanced Fibro Science of the University were invited to become members of the “3D Printer Polylactic Acid Filament Draft Committee” which is drafting the JIS standards for polylactic acid (PLA) filament for 3D printers.
Filaments used in the material extrusion method are composed of either PLA or ABS resin. However, there were no global standards resulting in many inferior products, hence urgent formulation of standards was required. With the certification of the JIS standard, objective evaluation methods and quality regulations regarding issues relating to filament breakage, formability, and storage stability have been established.
We have developed project specific PLA filaments at D-lab notably in 2017 for D-Lab Designer in Residence Assa Ashuach’s project “Learning as it Grows: Autonomous Design for Additive Manufacturing” and Natasha Perkovic’s, Design Associate project in 2018, “Reclaimed Assets: from fibrous waste to sustainable design material. We hope that D-lab’s efforts will contribute to JIS certification.
For details on JIS standards, see the link below.

For details on JIS standards, see the link below.
»Japanese Industrial Standards Committee: Database-JIS standard detail screen