Design Film Festivalは、キングストン大学、パーソンズ美術大学、ジュネーブ造形芸術大学(HEAD)、アンスティチュ・フランセと提携し、ロンドンのDesign Museumが主催するイベントです。アイディエーションや反復、プロトタイプなどのコンセプト、あるいはディスプレイやプレゼンテーションの上映形式を通して、デザイナーやフィルムメーカー、アーティストがデザインとして制作した21本の映像作品を紹介しています。



» The Design Film Festival

» Art, Crime & Algorithms | The Design Film Festival

» ビデオ:ネスター・ペスタナ|芸術・犯罪・アルゴリズム──2.5Dプリンティングが描く未来



Art, Crime & Algorithms’ will be part of The Design Film Festival at the Design Museum, in London. It is organised by the Design Museum in partnership with Kingston School of Art, Parsons School of Design, HEAD Genève and the Institut Francais. #thedesignfilmfestival showcases 21 films by designers, filmmakers and artists.where moving images that are conceived as designs are presented: through concepts such as ideation, iteration and prototyping, or through modes of display and presentation. Nestor this film during his time in Japan, as a D-lab Design Associate at Kyoto Institute of Technology (2018). You can watch #Art, #Crime & #Algorithms here: on the 17 Sep 12pm (8pm JST) • 15 Oct 12pm(8pm JST) • 16 Oct 12pm (8pm JST) The audience is invited to comment on the film and Nestor is keen to know what you think.

You can read more about the project here:
» Video: Nestor Pestana | Authentic Fictions: speculative futures for 2.5D printing


‘Art, Crime & Algorithms’ investigates possible future applications for 2.5D printing technologies, by imagining what would happen if extremely high resolution 2.5D printers and colour scanners were combined with image in-painting algorithms and available to the public.
If in the future, 2.5D printing technologies had sufficient resolution and could use any pigment or ink, we could potentially see art forgeries being produced by these efficient image in-painting algorithms. Conversely such algorithms could also be trained to identify art forgeries, by analysing the same patterns that were used to create the art forgery itself.

A huge thanks to everyone involved in the making! Project Director Professor Julia Cassim , Professor Takayuki Ikegawa , Tomohiro Inoue for all the technical support, Takuji Yoshida and Shin Yamashita for all the assistance, Camera Operator Tomohiro Tanaka, Lights Professor Ichikawa Yasushi , sound Milena Reisewitz Kaneko , Daniele Zazza and Taylor Lewin

Special thanks to Hiroki Yokoyama , Naoko Minami and mum Catarina Pestana