KYOTO Design Lab

開催中止 – 京都発の新たな都市デザインビエンナーレ『KYOTO Shaping the Future──食がつくる都市』を2020年3月に開催します[Canceled] KYOTO Design Lab will held the Kyoto Biennale International Exhibition of City and Design 2020, “KYOTO Shaping the Future – Urban Dietary Landscape” from 27 to 29 March 2020
Published 2020/03/09
ヴィトラ・デザイン・ミュージアムでの展示「Food Shaping Kyoto」がはじまっていますThe exhibition “Food Shaping Kyoto” at the Vitra Design Museum has started.
Published 2019/06/10
Kyoto Design Thinking EXPO 2019を開催のお知らせKyoto Design Thinking EXPO to be held on 6 July, 2019
Published 2019/05/23