KYOTO Design Lab[D-lab]は、2022年7月1日(金曜日)に「Kyoto Design Thinking EXPO 2022」を開催いたします。

Kyoto Design Thinking EXPOは、京都工芸繊維大学における「創造性」と「デザイン思考」をテーマとしたイベントです。例年シリコンバレーで開催される「ME310 EXPE」と「SUGAR EXPO」と連携し、9か月間にわたる企業と学生による研究プロジェクトの成果をブース展示とプレゼンテーション形式で発表します。


Kyoto Design Thinking EXPO 2021のアーカイブはこちらでご覧いただけます。





The Kyoto Design Thinking EXPO 2022 will be happening on Friday July 1st at the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

While the details will be announced at a later date, the EXPO this year will feature the final results from the international design innovation program ME310/SUGAR, a keynote by an influential member of the design community, and a mini design thinking workshop created by the Stanford

The archive of Kyoto Design Thinking EXPO 2021 is available here.

What is ME310/SUGAR?

ME310/SUGAR is a program where students from universities around the world take on innovation challenges posed by global companies using design thinking methodologies. In nine months, student teams start from a broadly defined brief and develop a refined concept with a functional prototype, not just a series of post-its or ideas. Many of the prototypes from ME310/SUGAR have been further developed by the partner companies and released into the market.

The program originated at Stanford University and has spread around the world to over twenty universities on five continents. The number of students worldwide has increased fivefold over the last ten years, but KIT is the only Japanese university in the network.

For more information on the ME310/SUGAR initiative, please visit the following website.