マニュエル・ヘルツ 教授[バーゼル大学]

小野芳朗 教授
エルウィン・ビライ 客員教授
岡田栄造 教授
角田暁治 准教授
岩本馨 准教授
赤松加寿江 講師
三宅拓也 助教
中村由香 プロジェクトスクールマネージャー
長崎陸 ファシリテーター(当時)


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Currently D-lab is undertaking urban research with two architects based in Basel. The theme for 2016 of ‘Food’ was a continuation from the previous year. Nishiki market was a place where Kyoto citizens buy food. However, it has been trying to overcome stiff competition due to changes in the eating habits of people, the dominance of large supermarket chains and new retail businesses. It now is full of tourists who enjoy purchasing souvenirs, eating and walking. The increase in tourists eating while walking, which was not the case before, has caused problems such as an increase in the amount of waste produced as well as those of hygiene in the areas where the businesses are located. This was not the case when it was utilized as a ‘kitchen’ for the locals. In light of such problems, we have designed services and facilities related to food, which we believe are necessary for Kyoto in the future. [Takuya Miyake]

Workshop Leader
Professor Manuel Herz [University of Basel]
Shadi Rahbaran [Rahbaran Hürzeler Architekten]

Kyoto Institute of Technology
Professor Yoshiro Ono
Professor Erwin Viray
Professor Eizo Okada
Associate Professor Akira Kakuda
Associate Professor Kaoru Iwamoto
Lecturer Kazue Akamatsu
Assistant Professor Takuya Miyake
Project school manager Yuka Nakamura
Facilitator Riku Nagasaki

Nishiki Market Association

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