KYOTO Design Lab

Published 2017/07/04
京町家(伝統木造建築)の構造について株式会社八清(ハチセ)と村本真講師が共同研究を行いますLecturer Makoto Muramoto (Structural Design) started to co-research for Kyoto traditional method of structure with Hachise co.,ltd
Published 2017/06/27
[スタッフ募集]KYOTO Design Lab東京ギャラリーのスタッフを募集していますD-lab Tokyo Gallery is Looking for a New Staff Member
Published 2017/06/19
[レポート]Made in Sàrlをゲストに迎えたワークショップ「Inside and Outside of KYOTO」と日本初となる講演会が実施されました[Report] Final workshop: Inside and Outside of the KYOTO
Published 2017/06/15
国際シンポジウム:東アジアにおける庭園と絵画の位相 II ―19-20世紀前半朝鮮の都市/建築空間と絵画―International Symposium: Contextualizing Gardens and Painting in East Asia II – City / Architectural Spaces and Painting in the 19th century and early 20th century Korea
Published 2017/05/10
KYOTO STARTUP SUMMER SCHOOL 2017の応募が始まりましたKyoto Startup Summer School 2017 Applications are now Open
Published 2017/05/09