Physical Rehabilitation Centres [photo: International Committee of the RED CROSS]

サミュエル・ボネ [国際赤十字委員会]らを迎えて実施する、大震災時における京都市内の状況を想定した シナリオ・ライティング・ワークショップのお知らせD-lab Workshop with the International Committee of the RED CROSS




会場|京都工芸繊維大学 15号館3階304

サミュエル・ボネ [国際赤十字委員会]

小川里美 [日本赤十字九州国際看護大学]
西村文武 [京都大学大学院工学研究科水環境工学分野]
藤原 拓 [高知大学教育研究部自然科学系農学部門]

コーディネーター|阪田弘一 [京都工芸繊維大学 KYOTO Design Lab]


Samuel Bonnet|サミュエル・ボネ
国際赤十字ジュネーヴ本部 Water & Habitat—Head of Construction。1996年フランスのグラン・ゼコールを卒業し、フランス登録建築家として、またパリ​​を拠点とするサスティナブル建築の先駆者である国際的な企業のパートナーとして10年間活動したのち、エリトリアとパキスタンのヨーロッパ公立病院および教育施設の建設コンサルタントとして人道支援に関わる。


“Construction for peopleaffected by armed conflicts”

講師: サミュエル・ボネ [国際赤十字委員会]
日時: 2017年7月5日[水]10:00-11:30
会場: 京町家キャンパス「ににぎ」(三条通り堀川東入る橋東詰町19-1 [MAP])

Architecture and Water of Kyoto in Disaster:
scenario writing in great earthquake

Date: Wednesday 5 – Friday 7 July, 2017
Venue: Building No.15, 3f N304, Kyoto Institute of Technology

Workshop leader:
Samuel Bonnet [International Committee of the RED CROSS]

Satomi Ogawa [Japanese Red Cross Kyushu International College of Nursing]
Fumitake Nishimura [Water QualityEngineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Kyoto University]
Taku Fujiwara [Agriculture Unit, Natural Sciences Cluster, Research and Education Faculty, Kochi University]

Coordinator: Koichi Sakata [Kyoto Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology]


Samuel Bonnet
As Head of Construction, Samuel Bonnet monitors the implementation of projects in over 30 countries for the Water & Habitat Unit.
He established and leads a Construction practice focusing on large-scale projects with ongoing design and constructions in Bangui (Central African Republic), Kinshasa (DR Congo), Erbil (Iraq), Nairobi (Kenya), Beirut (Lebanon), Mopti (Mali), Maiduguri (Nigeria) and Kismayo (Somalia).
Bonnet joined the International Committee of the Red Cross in 2007 and has served in Sudan (Darfur), South Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Haiti before joining the HQ in Geneva.
His most significant contributions as Water & Habitat Delegate in the field include the construction of the Physical Rehabilitation Reference Centre in Juba (South Sudan, 2008), the Surgical Hospital for Weapon Wounded in Pesahawar (Pakistan, 2009) and the new Operating Theatre Suite of Keysaney Hospital in Mogadishu (Somalia, 2010). From HQ, he led notably the construction of Kay Kapab Klinik in Port-au-Prince (Haiti, 2011), the Operating Theatre Suite in Malakal (South Sudan, 2013) and two Physical Rehabilitation Centres in Malakal and Kyaing Tong (Myanmar, 2016).
He authored the Physical Rehabilitation Centres architectural programming handbook (2014).
Bonnet graduated from a French Grande École (1996). After 10 years of practice as partner at a prominent, Paris-based international firm that pioneered sustainable architecture in Europe and as registered Architect in France, he started his humanitarian experience as a consultant for the construction of a European funded hospital and educational facilities respectively in Eritrea and Pakistan. He has also taught Urban Planning at several schools of architecture and planning.

Open Lecture

“Construction for peopleaffected by armed conflicts”

Lecturer: Samuel Bonnet [International Committee of the RED CROSS]
Date: 10:00-11:30 Wednesday 5 July, 2017
Venue: Kyomachiya Campus Ninigi [MAP]
Admission free

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