The Kyoto Startup Summer School (KS3) は、起業家を志す学生や、スタートアップ段階のチームを対象に、行う包括的なサマープログラムです。海外から著名な起業家やベンチャーキャピタリストをお招きし、実践的なワークショップやレクチャーを開催いたします。本プログラムはすべて英語で実施されます。KS3 2017は、個人での参加に加え、グループ参加を設けています。

期 間: 2017年8月21日[月]-9月3日[日]
参加費: 10,000円+Startup Weekend参加費
定 員: 25名

期 間: 2017年8月21日[月]-9月8日[日]
参加費: 10,000円
定 員: 5チーム (1チームは2-5名としてください)

Kyoto Startup Summer School

The Kyoto Startup Summer School (KS3) is a holistic startup program for rising entrepreneurs and startup teams to learn the ropes of building a startup. Through practical workshop sessions and a wide range of entrepreneurship and innovation-related lectures by established entrepreneurs, educators and VCs from all over the world, you know you’ll be in good hands.

Interested in starting up and building new things but never quite had the opportunity to learn more about it? Want to create a positive change in your society but never knew where to start? Always had that one idea you wanted to pursue but never knew how? Welcome to KS3 — join us this summer to bring your entrepreneurial aspirations to life.

With 3 weeks of full access to incubation spaces, digital & wood factories, there’s practically nothing you can’t prototype! Mentor matching services will also be provided to teams that are looking to accelerate their growth.

Discover all the workshop leaders and lecturers at: Kyoto Startup Summer School
(Applications close 31 MAY 2017)