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ビデオ:[ギャラリートーク]点群庭園展Video: [Gallery Talk] “Bits of Kyoto Gardens” exhibition






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3D Recording of Sounds and Landscapes

This was a joint research project with the Institute of Landscape Architecture at ETH, Zurich, which collects and analyzes digital data from a wide array of landscapes. In Kyoto there are gardens both large and small which vary in form and in their relation to buildings and their surroundings. Three differently-sized gardens were selected – a garden at Shisen-do temple at the base of a mountain; a garden with modern architecture, and a courtyard garden in a townhouse.

The researchers carried out 3D scans and sound recordings of the locations, before creating a video from this data. Extracting the structure of the garden as digital data, the project aims to archive the relationship between gardens and architecture, and, by extension, their relationship with the city. As such, it hopes to examine the urban structure of the city that is revealed by its gardens during the process of building an archive.

For this exhibition, we re-edited point group data of the landscapes and sounds collected in these gardens for video reproduction. Each of the three bamboo hats in the site shows a video of each garden. While these gardens have their own inner world, they also represent the urban city of Kyoto extending outwards. Likewise, each of the bamboo hats includes its own world and also forms the entire exhibition site. Just as a Japanese garden represents different features using “fake” objects, this exhibition represents Kyoto using bamboo hats as “fake” gardens.
In this way, we intended to exhibit a new technology for remote reproduction of Japanese gardens in the same way that they represent nature using “fake” objects. [Masahiro Kinoshita]

Workshop Leader
ETH Zürich
Professor Christophe Girot
Nadine Schütz
Matthias Vollmer
Ludwig Berger

2 July to 7 August, 2016
[Gallery Talk] 2 July, 2016

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